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VBScript to check file language?

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Is there any simple way to check file language through a VBScript?

I mean something like when you use filever.exe and it displays ENU for English, PLK for Polish, etc.


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This script will list the langauge of the OS like this English - United States

I stopped it at 1040, here is a link to the rest of the values, look for the OSLangauge section

Set Wmi = GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\CIMV2")
Dim L1, Obj
L1 = "Langauge : "
For Each Obj In Wmi.ExecQuery( "SELECT * FROM Win32_OperatingSystem")
Select Case Obj.OSLanguage
Case 1 L1 = L1 & "Arabic"
Case 4 L1 = L1 & "Chinese (Simplified) - China"
Case 9 L1 = L1 & "English"
Case 1025 L1 = L1 & "Arabic - Saudi Arabia"
Case 1026 L1 = L1 & "Bulgarian"
Case 1027 L1 = L1 & "Catalan"
Case 1028 L1 = L1 & "Chinese (Traditional) - Taiwan"
Case 1029 L1 = L1 & "Czech"
Case 1030 L1 = L1 & "Danish"
Case 1031 L1 = L1 & "German - Germany"
Case 1032 L1 = L1 & "Greek"
Case 1033 L1 = L1 & "English - United States"
Case 1034 L1 = L1 & "Spanish - Traditional Sort"
Case 1035 L1 = L1 & "Finnish"
Case 1036 L1 = L1 & "French - France"
Case 1037 L1 = L1 & "Hebrew"
Case 1038 L1 = L1 & "Hungarian"
Case 1039 L1 = L1 & "Icelandic"
Case 1040 L1 = L1 & "Italian - Italy"
End Select
Wscript.Echo L1


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Actually I'd like to be able to check language of individual files, not the entire system language.

If you use filever.exe on a file, ex.

filever kernel32.dll

then it will display (among all other information) its language code like "ENU" for English or "PLK" for Polish, etc.


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