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BartPE, Macrium Reflect, and SATA optical drive

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[...] The used space on my hard disk is about 13 GB. The 40 GB is just a good amount for all the space I think I'd ever need.

Since your used space is only 13 GB, I would try to shrink the partition down to 20 GB to make your Macrium image from, but that's just me. You can always expand it back to 40 GB or even 160 GB after your image is made.

Cheers and Regards

You're right. I could also do that. All good ideas. So here's how I'm going to fix all my problems:

1. Place two jumpers on pins 5 and 6, and 9 and 10 of the FRONT_AUDIO header to restore speaker sound.

2. Reconfigure my IDE cables until Windows detects both the hard disk and DVD burner.

3. Use GParted, shrink my existing XP partition to 160 GB, create a new Macrium Reflect image, and then restore it as needed.


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shrink my existing XP partition to 160 GB

I would keep source partition. Replace hard disks first.

If replaced hard disks works fine, I would keep source hard disk for another year still. Maybe write to the source hard disk after one year.

A partition clone is not possible at different size.

Create a image file to transfer files: ImageX.exe works at BartPE.

Be aware: it's not supported

Well, neither does OS manufacturer support BartPE. Choose yourself.


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