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Multiple Search/Load Path

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Is there a syntax in the WinXP Pro registry in the key




"Installation Sources" ... etc...

Such that I can point the search to both the Windows System32 folder

AND to Windows System32 Drivers

I want to modify Driver Cache Path and Source Path and Installation Sources.

C:\Windows\System32;C:\Windows\System32\Drivers does not work.

I've modified my WinXP far beyond normal and I'd like to have

a multiple path so that I don't have to manually point the search to the

correct location.

I hope my question is understandable.

If the drivers and DLL files are already in Windows and I had not made

some modifications the process would be automatic. I want to restore

the automatic find and load and a multiple path would do that.

If the question makes sense to anyone I would be delighted to read

comments and advice.




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I'm not familiar with that at all (and I don't see why you post that in the nLite forum).

Why double backslashes in your paths ???

Have you tried simply using both keys for your two locations instead of trying to enter both location in each key ?

(might be a silly answer.)

Can you explain why automatic search doesn't work ? In what way have you modified Windows ?

My DriverCachePath says "%SystemRoot%\Driver Cache", not "%SystemRoot%\System32"


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