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hi msfn (and happy holidays),

I`m a longtime Windows (and DOS) user, the only other system I could get into was Amiga but that isn`t too useful these days.

My main system:

NEC VersaPro VY10F\BH-L with 768MB, 40GB HDD

boots: Japanese WinXP, command prompt (win98-based), and NT 3.51 (just for the heck of it) all on a single FAT32 partition

main desktop:

Athlon X2 4850e with 2GB, 2x 80GB HDD

boots: Windows 2000, and command prompt from first drive (FAT32), Windows 7 64-bit from second drive (NTFS)

I consider 2000 to be the peak of Windows development. It took some of the good parts of 98 and added them to the stability of NT. XP is pretty close to 2000, but the EULA got a lot uglier, and Vista and 7 seem to have added a lot more complexity and system requirements with not much to show for it IMO.


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