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Win8 Installation Problem?

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I have been trying to install Windows 8 on my new SanDisk Extreme 128gb SSD, and it has given me many problems. My intent is to install Windows 8 on the SSD, and keep my current Windows 7 installation separate on my hard disk.

When I boot to DVD to install Windows, all is fine until it asks me where I want to install Windows: first it tells me that my SSD is MBR , so windows can't be installed. So I change it to GPT through disk management, and then go back into installation.

Then it tells me that there was a problem with the partition, and I should check the install log?

So, can someone tell me the proper way to install Windows 8 on the SSD? I have no idea why this isn't working!



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You have Windows 7 installed on the SSD as well? What partitions already exist on it?

Is your system set for UEFI boot?

Are you using 32bit or 64bit Windows 8?


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The questions Tripedacus asked are important so that we know your current setup and hardware. Typically speaking, if your SSD is empty, you will just want to leave the space on you SSD unallocated and allow Windows 8 to format it and create the necessary partitions for you.

If you could respond to Trip’s questions as well as include the model of a computer you are installing Windows 8 on, that would be very helpful.

Additionally, you might want to check out the Windows 8 page on the Springboard Series for additional resources and guidance in regards to Windows 8.


Windows Outreach Team – IT Pro


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