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I had to go to bed but before i went i suddenly thought HOSTS FILE ,in there it was empty so i quickly put it those 3 address's we had and went to bed. In the morn it still wouldn't work but within the hr it was live HOORAY.So make of that what you will , its live and that all i know.

thank you bphlpt & Tripredacus for your work.

" Im sorry Ive had a stroke 1st JUNE 2003 down the right hand side of my body taking my arm, leg, foot and face so it makes me a bit slow in comprehending what it was you were saying".


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For all intents and purposes, and are the same. A server or browser may automatically insert the www. to the domain upon going to the site. Either way, both addresses should resolve to the same IP. You should email who handles your name server and see if it is something they can take a look at.


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According to this : is OK *everywhere* but in India (and resolves correctly to


resolves *everywhere* included India to

which is one of those "placeholder" (vaguely suspect) sites:

This however happens only for "A" records.

It is possible that you have not set the DNS record correctly.

The DNS record A name should be for the name WITHOUT the www.

And the www is an Alias or CNAME, example:

Your provider (and their "control panel") may use different approach, however.

Check also through this:



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