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Windows 8 Setup Background (Billboard)

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What all you'd need
1. WADK-to mount/unmount .wim files (choose only Deployment Tools & download would be <90 MB) http://www.microsoft...s.aspx?id=30652
2. ResHack-to replace resources in .dll & .exe files (Restorator2007, ResEdit, etc. can also do the same job) http://www.angusj.co...shack_setup.exe , http://rammichael.co...Hacker-FXer.rar (it'll improve ResHack) & http://media.askvg.c...cker-option.zip (it'll add ResHack in context menu of supported extensions)
3. Photoshop-to edit images (you may use whatever program you want instead)
4. Knowledge of "How to Take Ownership" or you may download any of these to add Take Ownership in right click context menu (Note2) http://media.askvg.c...ship-Option.zip or http://www.howtogeek...keOwnership.zip)
5. GimageX (imageX with GUI-I used this one to compress my final .wim file to maximum level) http://www.autoitscr...gex/gimagex.zip

imagex /mountrw D:\Install.wim 1 D:\zi
imagex /mountrw D:\boot.wim 2 D:\zb2

imagex /unmount /commit D:\zi
imagex /unmount /commit D:\zb2
Note 1 : Unmount without /commit if previous attempt to unmount couldn't finish.
Note 2 : Take ownership to modify files & change fi;les.
Note 3 : Modify the related .mui files too.

Default Account Pictures
Install.wim 1:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures

Default Lock Screen
Install.wim 1:\Windows\Web\Screen\img100.png

Default Wallpaper
Install.wim 1:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Windows\img0.jpg

Default Theme & Cursors
Install.wim 1:\Windows\Resources\Themes\aero.theme
Install.wim 1:\Windows\Cursors

Setup Background/Foreground

Install.wim 1:\Windows\System32\spwizimg.dll
Install.wim 1:\Windows\SysWOW64\spwizimg.dll (change in 64 bit systems)
Install.wim 1:\Windows\System32\oobe\background.bmp (may not exist)
Install.wim 1:\Windows\System32\oobe\ooberesource.dll (may not exist)
Install.wim 1:\Windows\SysWOW64\oobe\ooberesource.dll (may not exist)

boot.wim 2:\sources\spwizimg.dll
boot.wim 2:\sources\background.bmp
boot.wim 2:\Windows\System32\setup.bmp

Start Menu
Install.wim 1:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu

Windows Logo
DVD:\Sources\arunimg.dll (in Setup)
Install.wim 1:\Windows\Branding\Basebrd\basebrd.dll (in System Properties)

Copyright Text
DVD:\Sources\arunres.dll (in Setup)
Install.wim 1:\Windows\Branding\Basebrd\en-US\basebrd.dll.mui (in System Properties)

Check the attachment for screenshots & lemme know if you encounter any problem..
Good Luck..

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How to remove advertisement from MSFN


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Hey! can someone help me with changing the screen that flashes for a while when Windows 8 changes from Boot Screen to the Desired color screen we choose for Windows?..

It's the dark blue colored screen that we come across when the setup finishes & prompts us to choose color for the very 1st time..

Thanks in advance.. :)

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How to remove advertisement from MSFN