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IT University Online

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jaclaz    943

Well, the use of "university" in the name is - to say the least - misleading.

Some of the most relevant FAQ's from:


Would I need to have a college degree to accompany my certifications to find employment in the IT field?

No. While having a degree is always going to help you get higher salaries, many IT jobs value the certifications enough to employ you in an IT position.

What sort of qualifications will I get once I complete the course?

Once completing our classes, you will be thoroughly prepared to master the real exams! You will also have the skill set to perform the tasks on the job as well as achieve the certification. IT University is an expert at not just training students to pass the exam but also how to perform at the highest level in the real world.

Are the courses recognized by the computer industry?

Yes, it doesn’t matter if you spend $10,000 or a fraction of that with us to obtain your training. Regardless of where you train you receive the same certification directly from the Vendor i.e. Microsoft or Cisco. We give you all of the training and test preparation materials you’ll need. Once you do the training, you’ll go down to your local testing center and sit for the live exam. Once you pass the exam, you’re certified from the Sponsoring organization directly (i.e. CompTIA, ISACA, Microsoft, Cisco or Oracle).

Basically they help you (hopefully) to prepare you for third party (like Cisco, MS, etc.) certification exams.

Their NY office (and "main" address) being apparently in a servcorp suite is not the best thing in the world IMHO when it comes to "reliability", but the world is now mostly "virtual" so you can never say:



On the other hand, if you can actually sell something at a face value of 3 or 4 K$ I doubt you would put it on Groupon for 99 bucks :unsure:



As well having a site through godaddy/Domains By Proxy, LLC and being registered on september 2012


is not the "best" evidence of having 21 years of experience....

I would not call it a "scam", but giving them 3K$ on that info is IMHO a tadbit "adventurous" (the 99 bucks on groupon may do to have an idea on how it works, though personally I would by a few good Cisco books with that money)


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Tripredacus    286

For any certs I have done, it never involved using some third party for training like that. If you want a cert in something, you typically should go through the company itself. For example, if it is Microsoft, get a Partner account and then go into the training section. There you can get summaries of what is on each test. You can study on those points on your own, use a VM with that software in it, do some tutorials, etc. Cisco used to be similar. Otherwise, most of these companies can offer "boot camps" or even courses themselves, which are often handled by a second party company.

I agree with the reasoning that this may or may not be a scam... but I would consider it on the same line as a seller on Ebay with less than 100 feedback.

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ROTS    5

In schools I understand this order





college AS

college BA

college MA

college DR




Age discrimination

The flat fact to get any job, a person will need the base qualification. A person with more qualification logically should get the job,

You ever go to work, and see that person who barely says anything, looks young ( or old ) and nobody likes? That person probably has something under his/her belt that keeps them from getting fired.

Unrelated from this, their is a college website that lists ever registered school, online and offline. You need to find out if the place is legitimate, certified and registered, whatever they teach, will not ever be refused, if they are legit. With techie jobs, you need to know the latest trends. I am sure the IT guy will get hired faster then the person who knows computer engineering,


Have you tried to call their office and request for employment. I see tons of people calling the office requesting for employment as a professor ( at least I did one time ),

Did you attempt to find their physical head quarters? Might be an actual school and this is their digital gate.

Edited by ROTS

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jaclaz    943

Did you attempt to find their physical head quarters? Might be an actual school and this is their digital gate.

Please read (attentively) my previous post.


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buyerninety    2

In Post#1, PROBLEMCHYLD said; "Can you guys shed some light my way please?"

As this topic hasn't been closed, I assume OP is still seeking information. So...


(Note, add at least a year onto age of comments of above...)




From; http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?complete=0&hl=en-AU&q=cache:yFdjmL6ZutEJ:http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Don/Noble%2B%22Don+Noble%22+it+university+online&gbv=2&ct=clnk

"Don Noble+++++++Title President, CEO

Demographic info++Greater New York City Area | E-Learning

Current:+++++++++President, CEO at IT University

Past:+++++++++++Sales Engineer at Diebold, Account Manager at MCI Group

Education:+++++++New York University, Stony Brook "

Edited by buyerninety

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