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I am trying something a bit funky here.

I got a batch file I use to copy various installation files somewhere, and they are launched with different batch. I don't want to change both when files with version numbers in them get updated (and I don't rename them after downloading because I like to keep track of what they are).

Anyway, I hoped I could use copy command with wildcards to copy files somewhere and change the destination name. It doesn't seem to work.


copy e:\Install\OS\jre-6*.exe d:\win7-64\sources\$OEM$\$1\Install\java.exe /y

It looked like it did what I wanted, but then I realized the destination file was like 5kB in size. WTF? Anyone can explain this? Or suggest different approach?

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Had this problem recently with mismatched wildcards for source/target. Try XCOPY. ;)

ECHO F|XCOPY e:\Install\OS\jre-6*.exe d:\win7-64\sources\$OEM$\$1\Install\java.exe /V /Q

Note: The piped ECHO command bypasses the XCOPY prompt to ask if the target is a file or folder.


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