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Opera 10/ Windows 9x ?

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technoid    0

Opera 10.63 is my best browser in a non-KernelEx 98SE system. Before, I was using Firefox and K-Meleon 1.54, and IE6, but all these had their quirks. FF felt bloaty and took awhile to load. KM just couldn't handle Javascript and kept freezing on some websites, even this one at MSFN. And IE6 was just too 'old'. I haven't really been using Seamonkey 1.1.19. so can't comment on it, but I know it's sort of a successor of the last Mozilla'd NetScape I think (NS was my fave browser in the late 1990's).

So far Opera 10.63 has been handling all the websites pretty easily, especially on this old system I'm typing this up on, a Socket 7 with a 400MHz AMD K6-III and 256MB PC66 dimm memory. Yes, due to the 'slow' CPU, it chugs along. Can't play Youtube or anything like that, but we only mostly use it for surfing and MS Office 97 stuff, because I'm on dialup.

Since I have the skins set to 'Windows Native Skin', I haven't had the need for any of the updated msimg32's. Skins, even with Revolutions Pack, can sometimes slow things down just a touch on 400MHz, so I also have that set to classic desktop theme in RP.

Here's a post I made about a couple months ago about Opera (starting at post #821):

I've also migrated to the latest Opera (currently ver 12.14) on my XP and Seven systems. The main advantage that Opera has apart from other popular browsers (including in 10.63), is the Turbo mode, which compresses images, etc. This makes things even faster, especially on dial-up. Netzero, the popular dialup ISP which I use, had this feature first years ago, but you had to shell out a few more extra bucks (USD) per month to use that feature. I've never tried it, but these days in the last few years with Opera's Turbo, it's all free anyway. Because of this turbo mode, among other things, I've never really gone back to current Firefox, IE, et al. Firefox was my browser of choice in the ~2002-2007 range, iirc.

In summary, I like 10.63 because it handles javascript well, makes good use of pc's memory (i.e. not bloaty and slow) and has the compression feature. And I don't really use KernelEx. It was sad when v11.00 and up couldn't work in 98SE natively anymore.

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vinifera    98

Opera 10.10, runs OK without need of KernelEx

It's the minimum one must have to get around the web.

just for history sake :)

actually version 9.8 is minimum, it was 1st to pass acid 3

it was released for VERY short period of time, internally called wingogi

it was developer test version, has minimal UI (nothing fancy) - you can see it here http://timaltman.com/acid3/acid3_full.png

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