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Hi guys,

iam looking for a very simple tool, to create a menu to choose via cursor/enter from. Something very simple in the design of menu.c32 from Syslinux:

or like the boot menu in xp.

I want to use it for my batch file, where the user choose which OS should be installed (which is running in WinPE!). Actually Iam using the SET /P solution within the batch file. But I want to use the cursor keys to choose from a menu and simple hit enter. Current choosen line should be colored, like in menu.c32

Any ideas?


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Take a look at the menus listed here:

You'll need one that matches your PE architecture. If you are using a 32bit WinPE, that "Access" one might work for you. I have only used the MOO one from that list, but it is a 16bit app.


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