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Question about defrag

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... something that the OP - for any reason - is not wanting to do.

guess I missed that then :D


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jaclaz said; "A defragmenter has no reason to treat a .pst file differently from

ANY other file"

Given that he has identified that the pst files are not being defragmented, & that

other files are being defragmented, ipso facto, these pst files are being treated

differently [either by the XP defragger or something else]. I'll discount sorcery.

PERHAPS we should be asking Nomen IF the above mentioned [exact same] "two

files sitting side-by-side" that appeared fragmented in Xp defragger, appeared to

be fragmented in Exactly-The-Same-Way, that is, the fragmentation gaps were in

exactly the SAME places, in each file, OR if the fragmentation gaps were in

DIFFERENT places in each file.

No ipso facto.

I would look more for probabilities, and coincidences, like you know ;):

These are files that are anywhere from 400 mb to 1.7 gb in size. These are Netscape Navigator email and Outlook 2000 post-office (PST) files.

read as:

The largest files that are on that filesystem - ranging from 400 Mb to 1.7 Gb in size - and that remain not contiguous after the mentioned procedure are - coincidentally - Netscape Navigator email and Outlook 2000 post-office (PST) files-



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Our pending questions for Nomen, then, are;

Using the XP MMC (GUI) defragger,

1.) are only the PST files appearing to not defragment,

2.) are only very large files appearing to not defragment,

3.) what , if any, other files appear to not defragment, and

4.) if there are any non-PST files which are larger than a PST file,

does that larger non-PST file defragment?

[Edit: 5.) Do the PST files defragment if only essential XP OS and XP

defragmenter processes are running before starting defragmentation,

as shown in XP task manager?

Sorry-couldn't resist slipping it in.]

We await his return!

Edit: 6.) What version of the XP Defragger is shown in

the Defraggers' About (or Action/About) menu?

Edited by buyerninety

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