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I have today get a script from ACDSee how to do it silent with keygen. i have not testet it yet.

@echo off

REM: Script created by ACD Systems International Inc.

REM: Visit our homepage at for products and services

REM: For support, visit the Support Center Page at

REM: This command installs ACDSee Pro 6

REM: Change PATH_TO_ACDSEEPro6 to the path of ACDSee Pro 6 build exe

REM: Input your license code in the PIDKEY field

REM: ACDID account is needed to install ACDSee Pro 6

REM: Create your acdID at

REM: Input your acdID email address in the ACDID_EMAIL field

REM: Input your acdID password in the ACDID_PWD field

REM: Do not delete any of the escaped quotes (\') on each side of the values as they are critical to the batch command

REM: Update the file accordingly and save it as batch file (e.g. install.bat)

REM: Run the batch file to start the silent installation

"PATH_TO_ACDSEEPro6\setup.exe" /s /v"/qn ALLUSERS=1 ACDID_SILENT=1 PIDKEY=\"Your License Number\" ACDID_EMAIL=\"Your ACDID Email\" ACDID_PWD=\"Your acdID Password\"


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how to do it silent with keygen.

Please read the forum rules. :angry:


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