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Um, NO!

I just downloaded the ZIP file, unpacked it with UniExtract, in the "funny name" folder (not funny-named in your case, because you didn't use UniExtract), I see the INF files, the TXTSETUP.OEM file, and the CAT and SYS file. In the I386 Folder is a single TXTSETUP.OEM. If you were to OPEN the FIRST ".OEM" file you'll see where it POINTS to the I386 Folder AND you will note that is specifies SATA. In the OTHER one within the I386 folder it says RAID. RAID and AHCI do not equate.

PATA (or ATA/IDE/EIDE, etc etc)




You're REALLY getting hung up on the differences between IDFE/PATA, SATA, and RAID... RAID even exists on OLD PC's - I have an old HP that has RAID on the (OMG!) "real" SCSI controllers.


Point to the one in the BASE folder that has the INF (etc) files in it... Let nLite do its magic and TEST it!

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Ok will do, think im going to just streamline the following with nlite, Intel® Matrix Storage Manager Driver V8.2.0.1001 for Windows XP, i just extracted and just 1 folder with the txtsetup.oem file in it, and i think thats the proper driver i need, as the marvel driver is just for the ide slots, if i added more sets of drivers to nlite, it wont do any harm will it ? as xp will only use the right ones correct ? just means it will have more to chouse from.

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YES! Add them all - it only increases the size of the CD by just what you added. Didn't I say that already ("Do them both")? BTW, did you heed jaclaz' post about adding the Chipset Drivers or NOT? PLEASE pay attention and we won't be repeating ourselves!

P.S. I could add ANY drivers and it doesn't matter if they are NOT used, right? After all, look at ALL of the drivers already IN the XP that... NEVER GET USED!!!!



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