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Glitching/Jerking problems

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Hiya, new member here, and I see there's lots of knowledgeable people on the forums so hopefully I'll be able to find the answer to my problem!

Basically for the past couple days whenever I'm streaming videos or listening to music on youtube, or playing a game, I notice a glitch/jerk where everything freezes or skips for a fraction of a second. It's only started happening in the past couple days and I haven't installed anything new?

Although it only happens for a fraction of a second, it's still very annoying!

Anyway if anyone is able to help I'd very much appreciate it!


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the storport.sys driver causes the glithces:

Total = 110825 for module storport.sys
Elapsed Time, > 131072 usecs AND <= 262144 usecs, 0, or 0.00%
Elapsed Time, > 262144 usecs AND <= 524288 usecs, 6, or 0.01%
Total, 110825

read here what this driver is:

in addition to the SCSI Port driver, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and later versions provide Storport (storport.sys), a storage port driver that is especially suitable for use with high-performance buses, such as fibre channel buses, and RAID adapters.

There are several advantages to using Storport rather than the SCSI Port driver:

Improved performance, both in terms of throughput and the system resources that are utilized.

Improved miniport driver interface that addresses the needs of high-end storage vendors, particularly host-based RAID and fibre channel vendors.

When I look at the spike, I can see that your Marvel driver (mvs91xx.sys for Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller) causes it:


update the driver and try to sue the SATA port of your Intel chipset instead.


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