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How to edit registry so that it doesn't need to restart before ins

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submix8c    89

Sorry, I don't understand this then...

where are the UDC Download files stored?
If you mean after nLite, they're Slipstreamed into the I386 Folder, just like the Service Pack 3 is Slipstreamed. (Slipstream = Integrated)

JFYI, RyanVM has (after you search for them) "Add-Ons" for the "other" UPGRADE Packages (e.g. DotNET, MSXML, etc) that more than likely will include all of the associated "Updates" (the ones MS Update "found") that will probably (if it says so in the description) be nLite Compatible. (SEE MY PREVIOUS POST - LAST LINK GIVEN)

Example (dotNET) -


Directly found via google

"net framework" site:ryanvm.net

dotNetv4 -


Page #2 gives a link to "onepiece" Add-Ons.


"net framework" nonno site:ryanvm.net

Likewise google

"msxml" nonno site:ryanvm.net

Being aware that the ISO will expand in size to MAYBE DVD size.

I'm not really sure why you seem so confused. :unsure:

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Gibbs    0

Wife and I watched the downloaded episode of The Mentalist "Red Barn" tonight. It is the first time I have seen this since I downloaded it back in Feb 4th. IE 8 works, MP11 works, links and email all work. Finally the computer is back to working probably better than it has been since before Feb 2013.

Many thanks to all, and to submix8c and especially to -X- for that great link of the registry with those strange values of (3) and (2) which I reset to (0)


Edited by Gibbs

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Gibbs    0

On post #71 above I noted the value of keys






Then I got to thinking about if these were on other XP running computer. Checked "TASTE", "OFFICE1", "LAB2", "SERVER (which is XP PRO) at work. None of them even had these keys. I checked my wife's computer when I got home and she didn't have these keys. What was different? A few years back I installed Server 2000 in this computer and run if for a time as a server doing some tests on php scripts and .htaccess and so on. I never uninstalled it...until today. After I used Revo Uninstaller it found 6421 registry entries associated with this program, which I seleceted and deleted. Then I went through the the service packs and other add-ons for Server 2000 and uninstalled them as well. Rebooted and all is running fine and no UpdateExeVolatile showed back up.

Perhaps it was an issue with someting hanging with this software installed long ago. In any case, the computer is running as it should, no broken pieces, no strange behaviour, and Media Player 11 still plays what I need it to with Amazon UnBox.

No need to reply to this post, I just wanted to share a bit more info on this perplexing problem of inability to install certain MS products like SP3, MP11 and IE8.

No, I did not have to reformat drive C and start from scratch.

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