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How to Integrate Basic Updates/IE8/WMP11

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July 12, 2013 -

*** REVISION (new File added to UDC and is WMP Version-Specific and NOT a CAB)

NOTE! The Attachment has NOT been revised! Be aware!

See Post #1. All the "Red" changes.


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Thanks for the info. I'm new on this strange Windows world (never liked it though, but lets not get into SO debate xD) and this was helpfull. Its pretty basic, but has been usefull to me to deduc ehow nLite works to move fordward and finish my xp cd project.

I wanted to say this tutorial worked like a charm (to be honest, even if this CD was not my goal, I had to test if your tut. was ok before trying to move on), but my languaje is Spanish, and i'm going to make spanish CDs, so I made a script which generates the download links for ESN versions and edit the necesary thing in UDCyyyy-mm-dd.bat.

I havent been able to try it yet, but tell me: Was my work useless, or as I thought, I need ESN updates for ESN xp install? The only one I couldn't find is the old WGA which is listed first in xdot.tk.

And last question, as far as I understood from documentation of nLite, when you slipstream things this way they are REPLACING files in the instalation CD, so they will be like "preinstalled" (i mean, it may take longer than before if file is bigger than the removed, but this is much more efficient than making a clean install and preparing an unnatended installation for all updates, am I wrong?)

Again, sorry for the noobish questions, but i'm a gcc guy, and here I dont have sources to look at :blushing:

PS: If you tell me the updates need to be languaje specific, I'll post my scripts and methods to automatically obtain the maping englishLink->yourLangLink (which is not as easy as changing ENU for ESN, it involves crawling around microsoft site to get urls and put them together, then edit the UDC file. It is a 15 min work in a break at my real job, so dont expect elegancy or efficiency, it just does the task )


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