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Silverlight Enterprise Deployment

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Can someone point me to Microsoft's download of Silverlight for Systems Administrators?

I've been searching like mad and can only seem to find it on 3rd party sites, which means it may not be the latest version. When I go to the website specified in the Silverlight Deployment Guide there is no link for administrators or an enterprise version. It checks my system, see's that it's installed, and then refuses to give me a download link. If I disable the plugin, it automatically starts the 64 bit download, when what I need is the 32 bit version for XP SP2 & 3. Makes me wonder what exactly is going on over there at MS, that finding something so basic has become so difficult.

Thanks for your help...


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Thanks, but it's still grabbing my OS version and automatically grabbing the Windows 7 64 bit version.

I guess I'm going to have to build an XP system for the sole purpose of downloading the correct version of Silverlight for my deployment. And THAT, is absolutely ridiculous.


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