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Windows 8 network button or \\server don't work.

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So here is my problem:

I just installed Windows 8 like 24 hours ago. And after install all was fine. Now all of sudden the network "manager" don't work (network share that it, NOT network as in internet / WIFI)

I can't even type \\server\share (tried both IP and name)

My Windows 7 laptop can see all shares on the network just fine, so thats not the problem. Both are connected via WIFI.

Here is a screenshot of the button I mean:


Like I said, its just impossible to to press on it, nothing happens. Its just "dead" (right click works fine, but still won't open anything)

I had this problem before i formatted also, so I'm guessing its one of my programs or somthing? I just don't work where to start searching. Last time i spend hours on ##windows with many people trying to help. No luck.

Hope you guys have some ideas!

Thank you very much!

EDIT: Have btw. tried all THIS

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