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Having battled to use Windows 7 I went on to the Windows Seven Forums forum. I asked a few questions and made a few comments about not liking Windows 7 because it wasn't easy to use, and expressing the hope that Microsoft could reintroduce Windows XP as Windows 9 - or wherever they are up to by then. This forum was listed in a post I contributed to on Seven Forums but I cannot be sure it was accidental !

I am a retired journalist in the United Kingdom, and have contributed to the odd (few not strange) forum such as Pinnacle Studio (that's Pinnacle, then Avid and now Corel) and so you might already know me.

In case Dabber means something else where you are, let me say that it is the nickname for a person born within the town boundaries of Nantwich in Cheshire. Something that we who were are proud to be.

I joined the forum in case I need help one day in updating my XP after its demise.


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P.S. WinXP will never die. Even Win9x is still thriving, especially at this board.


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