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Using online only installers

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I'm hoping someone can help me further customise my Windows experience...I have my Windows 7 installation set to not allow my computer to connect to the internet when installing. This mostly suits my purposes, except that a few of the programs I have included in my WPI are only available with installers that require and internet connection. I am hoping I might be able to solve the issue of installing them outside of WPI in any combination
  • Create a script for each installer so that if selected in the WPI interface, a copy of its installer is copied to a folder within the new installation, available to be run for when I do decide to enable the internet connection (this is generally after the second boot). In addendum to this, if a script could be created that would dynamically monitor what installers WPI copies to said directory, and then be able to install them all at once, with or without silent switches...but all of this I feel might be a bit of a pipedream.
  • I feel it would be much easier to create a category just for all of these online only installers and somehow set WPI to run again after a reboot, installing the remaining applications.

I'm relatively new to WPI so any and all help in whichever direction would be very appreciated! Cheers in advance...

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While it may seem complicated there are enough features built into wpi that would allow such a scenario.

WPI has a download feature the main hurdle would be having wpi know when the file is done downloading.

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