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Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio

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I have a PC with two installs of XP Pro SP3 on two hard drives. One is a backup system, also used for doing more complete defrags on the main drive than is possible on a running system.

I swapped to a new motherboard with totally different hardware. Had no problem getting the backup system's hardware drivers installed and working.

But the main system has been a PITA. It keeps redetecting Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio as MEDIA but refuses to recognize any driver that's supposed to be for it. I even tried DriverMax to export the working driver from the backup system, but it failed at importing it to the main system.

Attempts to install the Realtek HD Audio driver from Realtek or Gigabyte fails when the install is about 70% done.

Also, the Radeon HD3200 driver from AMD or Gigabyte fails to fully install. I can set the resolution to the native dimensions of the monitor and 32bit color but none of the Catalyst and other software will install.

I'm thinking it has something to do with the UAA driver because of the HDMI port, even though I have the BIOS set to use the VGA and DVI ports instead of the VGA and HDMI ports. Same thing happened on the backup install, video driver install failed until I installed the audio driver - with the exception that the audio driver would install.

Windows will not allow the Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio entry in device manager to be removed, not even in safe mode because it "may be required to boot up the computer.". Really? An *audio device* that isn't functioning because XP won't allow the correct driver to be installed is *required* to boot the computer?

Anyone have a software version of a prybar to get that driver out so Windows will reinstall it properly or allow the audio driver to install?


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Well, it MIGHT help if you say WHAT the"old" MoBo was and what the "new" MoBo is.

It DOES seem "odd" that you have the BACKUP OS going but not the PRIMARY OS.


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I dug into the registry and deleted everything (that it would let me delete) I could find with Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio, booted into safe mode and then it would allow the two entries in device manager to be deleted.

When I rebooted, it again found a MEDIA device but this time asked for specific files. I pointed it to the ones in the backup install of XP and it worked.

Then I was able to install the Realtek HD audio driver followed by the ATi video driver.

Normally the driver install order I use is chipset first, then video, then others.


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