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Silverlight trouble

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I use Chrome as my default browser. I recently signed up for Netflix. It worked fine the first couple days. The next time I tried to play a video it played in black and white and was crowded over to the left side of my screen.

I contacted Netflix and don't even recall what was done but somehow it started to play again. It played for a couple of days and the same thing happened.

I contacted Netflix again and this time what fixed it was a link they gave me to paste into the address bar to remove the cookies. Netflix worked like a charm again for a few days and now it's on the fritz again and it would appear that nothing is going to fix it. I have done the thing with the cookies. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Silverlight.

I decided to open IE 9 today and see if it would play there. As soon as I try to play a video I get a page that tells me I have to first install Silverlight. I click on the option to install it and in the end I'm told it can't be installed because it's the same as the Silverlight already installed. What????? If it's already installed then why tell me it has to be installed?

So I came back to Firefox. Netflix plays just fine in Firefox.

Can anyone tell me what is going on here?

In Googling this problem, I found a link that someone posted that shows exactly what I see when I try to play Netflix in Chrome. It is: http://i2.minus.com/i3UpOywEG5do8.jpg

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