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WIMGAPI.dll moved to vLite folder Vlite still won't work

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I'm using vlite 1.2 final. Vista SP1 in a VirtualBox virtual machine.

I installed WAIK and Vlite, moved the WIMGAPI.DLL file to the Vlite folder per instructions. I ran the vlite program and... it still asks for the WAIK to be installed.

What now?!


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You actually need to do a bit more than that.

You also nee the following files in the following directories:

In the vlite folder the file wimgapi.dll

then a folder named wimfltr

in that folder 2 folders named x64 and x86

in those folders the following files:

wimfltr.inf and wimfltr.sys


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Dunno it's just how I've done it since it's been needed


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Those two files you have referenced wimfltr.inf and wimfltr.sys do not exist anywhere on the hardisk.

Where exactly are they supposed to be located? I searched manually and with Vista's search feature and couldn't find them.

Does the WAIK install them? If so then for some reason it isn't. I checked to see if they were marked hidden and they not.

So where does this leave me?

This is a 32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 installation inside a Virtualbox guest if that makes any difference.

I don't see why it should since I've done it this way before.


I seem to have fixed it. I downloaded the WAIK through the link in the vlite program vs the one I was using.

I have no idea what version I was using, but it must have been a newer version or something.

The wimgapi.dll was dated 2009 the one in the WAIK I downloaded is from 2008.

Maybe I got a Win7 version? I'm not sure how though since this is the same I used the last time I needed the WAIK for vlite.

Anyway, it's working now.

Edited by GHR1275

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