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tal ormanda

Tile screen endless loop refresh

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Just turned on the computer and when W8 boots and puts you at the tile interface it kept doing this thing where it would look like all the tiles would disappear and reload like it does when you turn on your computer, but it kept doing that over and over in what looked like a refresh loop. Here's what I had done recently to the computer in order:

- Installed Breaking News app [Yesterday]

- Enabled Weather.com app to run in background [Few days ago]

- Changed HDD power setting to turn off after minimal use [Week ago]

- Put in an SSD as main boot drive [Weeks ago]

All I did after the refresh loop was reinstall the breaking news app, disable weather.com from giving important weather information in background, as well as boot into the OS on the old HDD and restart the computer a few times and it stopped doing that. But I'm curious as to why, if anyone knows?


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