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Fastest Processor For NT4?

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a3m5i11    0

Good morning MSFN!

I need a little help with this one. I need to build/get a computer to install NT4 workstation on. I want to know what the fastest possible processor would be that NT4 could use? My old computer had an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ on an ASUS A8V mobo and it did just fine with NT4. But that machine died 9 months ago.

So from that old computer, I know that NT4 can recognize multi-core processors without problems. So my guess is that the issue of compatibility and support will depend on the motherboard and availability of drivers more than anything else, right? I'm pretty sure NT4 also won't support PCI-E so that should limit my possibilities some as well.

If anyone could give me some ideas with this one that would be so great. This is going to be the fastest machine with the leanest OS for all my business, mathematical,banking, etc. needs.

I'm asking this now because I'd like to build this before the latest and greatest parts for NT4 are impossible to find anymore. Thanks!

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AnX    14

You could invest in a new motherboard for NT4 as long as it has PS/2 ports, a BIOS that is compatible with the OS, and has atleast 1 PCI (classic) slot. The nVidia GeForce 6600 PCI-E GPU will work on NT4 using Forceware version 77.72. As for the sound, you will need an older ac'97 style sound card, as HD audio does not work on NT4. Your motherboard should also have a Realtek Ethernet port, since you could find NT4.0 drivers for it.

Here are optimal Specs (This is Intel, I am not too experienced with AMD)

-Intel Pentium Dual Core (Sandy or Ivy Bridge)

-3 to 4 GB of DDR3 RAM

-Any size of HDD (Make sure the controller is set to IDE and not ACI in the BIOS)

-An ASUS/Gigabyte MoBo with the above mentioned requirements.

You should be able to get NT 4.0 on there nicely.

You should also be able to build an AMD system, as long as you follow similar requirements.

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