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Why no description of what the MSFN forum is?

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Hey guys!

In the past I've had good use and support from MSFN.

However, I got into a little discussion with a non-IT-savvy colleague of mine:

Him: What is this MSFN you talk about?

Me: Well, it's a place where people go to ask and get answered with techie stuff.

Him: Who owns it, and who runs it?

Me: Uhm, don't know - can't find any info about it.

Him: What does MSFN stand for?

Me: Uhm ... no idea.

Him: Can I trust the answers I get?

etc - you get my drift...

Why is there no "About this site" info? I'd like to be able to answer him :)


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I recall we used to have a different layout saying what MSFN is. When the redesign for this forum skin was done, I guess that disappeared. It stands for Microsoft Software Forum Network. Our Admin, Xper owns the site. We are not part of Microsoft.

Basically as you can see from the forum layout, we have 2 main sections for Microsoft software: usage and installation. Then of course there are the member projects and the other stuff.


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