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XP Video driver problem

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Installing XP with an ASUS M2N-E motherboard, Nvidia Geforce 7300GT video card and an LG M227WDP monitor, all hardware that's been in use her for several years,

I find that I am not able to select my preferred screen resolution of 1280x960.

I've been using 1280x960 on both Win2k and Win7, but installing the latest XP drivers I can find from either ASUS or Nvidia, 1280*960 is not an option, 1280*800 is the closest alternative.

The recommended setting of 1920*1080 is far from comfortable to me.

I don't think the default XP driver was any better, else I would not have bothered looking for any other.

I am afraid there is no solution available to this problem. Would a new video card solve the problem?


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The recommended setting of 1920*1080 is far from comfortable to me.

No. :w00t:

Not meaning that you don't think that it is :), meaning that it doesn't work this way with LCD monitors :ph34r: .

LCD monitors have a "native" resolution, the image provided at that resolution is the best possible one (all other resolutions are "artificial" or "interpolated" or "whatever", in any case "worse").

The idea is to use native resolution and then change settings in the graphical system to have a "clear" view.

More here:

Additionally the 1280/960 is a 4:3 form factor, while the screen is a 1920/1080= 16:9 form factor. :ph34r:

If you cannot manage to get a suitable result at 1920*1080, at least try other lower resolutiions still in the 16:9 form factor (or "nearly" 16:9) such as 1366*768 or 1600*900



Often drivers have "hidden" settings (because they are thought to be not a "good idea" by the manufacturer, for one reason or the other) and there may be versions of the drivers "unlocked", post the exact version (and possibly even a link to the files) of the drivers you are testing.



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Before going any further, do try 1600 x 900. I think you'll be surprised how much that improves things (at least for me it sure does, although here YMMV, of course!).


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