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Lan speed tester?

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Does anyone recommend a program(s) for testing LAN/network bandwidths/speeds under 98SE? Freeware if possible.

I installed SpeedTest 1.06 (by Absolute Futurity) and it didn't seem to work, I think it broke (or borked) my DUN (dial up networking) setup, so I had to reinstall modem drivers and DUN (including DUN 1.4 patch) to get it to work properly again. I am not about to try reinstalling it.


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In the Version History for SpeedTest, 1.0.3 lists: "Bug (Fixed) = Better support for Win98/95."

OTOH, I'm not sure that SpeedTest even tests "LAN/network bandwidths/speeds." It is primarily an Internet bandwidth monitor and there are many online tools for that.

If you wish to check the speed of your LAN, try mapping a network drive and measuring the speed of that drive. The System Monitor can be used to measure the performance of ram-disk-to-ram-disk file copies across the network as well as reads and writes by any app from/to the networked drive.

Edit: SpeedTest website

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LAN is internal and speed will be whatever your LAN allows, both directions. Other Speedtests are for WAN connections to determine if any Tweaks can be done for Internet (WAN) connections based upon your speeds give for your ISP (WAN). They are two different things. SpeedTestDOTnet is for WAN and LAN has nothing to do with PC<->PC LAN connections. Having a Website on one and accessing it from another on LAN is "immediate" (LAN/NIC/Router) speed.

Try this -
1 - Create a Website on PC-A - set it up with (e.g.) NO-IP (for dynamic IP updates)
* - don't forget to Port Forward on your Router
2 - Access it on PC-B using "HTTP://n.n.n.n" (replace "n's with PC-A IP)
3 - Now go "elsewhere" and access the Name (given in e.g. No-IP)
Amazing the difference in access time, isn't it?


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No, I really am wanting to test LAN, not Internet, speeds. I just need to see where there are any bottlenecks in the network (in this case, it's just a P2P (peer to peer)) and speed rates between PC's.

But now that I look back, I recall also installing Lanlights (by P.Mather) right after installing Speedtest. Iirc, it's also supposedly compatible with 98SE if I read the specs right. So perhaps it was Lanlights (version 1.1.14, circa 2008) and not Speedtest (1.06) that borked up my 98SE system. And yes, Speedtest supposedly also benchmarks LAN bandwidths. Anyway, I'm not about to reinstall both of them again until I'm sure which one is the culprit. I lost dialup connectivity and had a heck of a time trying to reinstall it until I found that reinstalling modem drivers first and then DUN did the trick. I even tried reinstalling most of Autopatcher (Soporific) before my discovery, which didn't help. I'm guessing Lanlights (and/or Speedtest) overwrote some files with its own versions that were incompatible with MSDUN 1.3 and 1.4 etc.

I guess what I'll do for now is just manually do my own time trials by transferring big files between PC's over the P2P and see how long they take and then "do the math".

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