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Outlook Administrators Book ?

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Can anyone please recommend a good book on administering Outlook for user's at work. I'm mainly a Linux Sys Admin, but need to know how to setup outlook for others.

Recently on Outlook 2007 I tried to add another email address to a users profile, that already has 3 email addresses, and when I added the new email address, all the inboxes for the other email addresses disappeared. So I deleted the latest email address I added, and the other email addresses and folders returned.

Did I create a new email profile that took precedence over the existing profile?

All I wanted to do was to add another email address to the existing profile, so the user can continue to receive emails for the existing addresses, and use their own new email address as well.


Jed ;)


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Apparently you did. :unsure:

Try this. Google

"outlook 2007" ebook

Good luck!


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Thanks for that heads-up submix8c. I have downloaded the complete MS office zip package from bookboon. Will take a look at that ASAP.

Jed :thumbup

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