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I am currently running Windows XP SP-3 and using Outlook Express (6) for my email. In the switch Microsoft made from Outlook Express to Outlook I am left with folders and emails within those folder which are still on Outlook Express (computer based ) that did not get transferred to Outlook (web based). My 10 year old PC is at the max for hardware upgrades.

Obviously, there is going to come a time in the near future when I am going to have to upgrade to the newer Windows (8.1) and also, due to the increased hardware requirements for the upgraded software), have to upgrade to a new computer and no longer have those left over computer based OE6 folders and emails.

My Question: what do I do to put and/or keep those OE6 folders and emails in Outlook??

An additional question, if you please: My current Outlook does not save my "sent" emails in the sent folder. How do I fix this problem?


tlcmd (aka Dick)


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Talking about this "newish" Outlook?,2817,2407888,00.asp

Accessed via "Live"... (just tried it). AUTOMATICALLY changed me over! (THAT sux!)


I have NO CLUE!

There IS a FAQ, though...

that did not get transferred to Outlook

Is THIS how you tried to do it? It's an Add-On of some kind -

I have NO DESIRE to transfer my stuff for a "test" since I have LOADS of GMAIL stuff in my OE6. Sorry, but you're kind of on your own (at least by me).


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