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In configwizard.js after

CommandsMenuBar.addNewChild("jscript_system", 10, "jscript_ErrorReporting", "ErrorReporting()", false, "", "");
CommandsMenuBar.addNewChild("jscript_system", 11, "jscript_SetAppAsDefault", "SetAppAsDefault()", false, "", "");
and before
case 'jscript_SetAutoLogonUser':
case 'jscript_SetAppAsDefault':  HandleCommandsSelectionMenu('{JSCRIPT}=SetAppAsDefault("Program ID")');  break;
In jscript.js add
function SetAppAsDefault(ProgId){  position="jscript.js";whatfunc="SetAppAsDefault()";RunCmd('"' + wpipath + '\\Tools\\WPI Tool.exe" /Action=SetAppAsDefaultAll /ProgId="' + ProgId + '"', false, true);}

And replace WPI Tool.exe with the attached one.

WPI Tool.exe


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