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Running a Script During the 2nd Setup Phase

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I looked at the 1st three pages of the topic, but of course I didn't find an answer. I suspect that somewhere in the mass of links in the stickies at the top of the topic, my answer can be found buried in there. Please forgive my impatience.

When we do a Windows XP unattended installation, there's a point during the 2nd (graphical) phase of setup, where a script can be run. My XP discs would create a default user at this time. Is the same true of Windows 7 and if so, could someone share a couple of links explaining the procedure ?

What I'd like to do is launch some preparatory work from one of the RUNONCE keys and setup those registry entries prior to finalization of the system.

Thanx for the use of the brain cells...


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All you need is the AutoUnattend.xml to do all that for you. Pass oobeSystem examples here


You then can use Firstlogoncommands within that and do the adding HKLM registry, HKCU cannot be added till the user is created or in other words when the GUI loads the desktop. Unless you mount the image and mod the registry.


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Thanx. My x64 disc is stuck w/ a final issue, where it dies halfway into my GUIRunOnce script, just a plain-vanilla CMD batch script ! Takes hours to get to the desktop, hanging in limbo. If I don't execute the script til after SETUP is complete and we're at the Desktop, the script works flawlessly ! OTOH, the exact same script is no problem on my x86 disc ! So I need to change things up for the x64 world, altho there's no good reason I should be going thru this ! I should be able to install what I need from the HKLM/RunOnce keys.

Thanx again.

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