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Need help about Lite Windows 7 (RT7Lite)

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I have made a windows 7. Mod interface and Lite (Use RT7 Lite). Windows Lite but keep Manual setup. I test it on VirtualBox is ok, no error but I setup on HDD is error. I mount windows then click file Setup.exe and error. Somebody can help me fix this error?




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RT7Lite? That program NEVER worked, and was abandoned well over two years ago. Noone will help you with this.


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Well, no matter WHY and HOW that happened, I would try first thing to configure the first image in the .wim with flag 9 ;).

See here:



Thank you!

And I lite windows 7 and have a error about rightclick send to desktop (Creat shorcut). It's not working. Can you fix it?




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