Win8 updates keeps failing and reverting back.

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For the last few months, my fresh installs of win8 have been failing miserably. I have to go in and manually install a few of the bigger updates first, then the rest all go.

Lately there is two very large updates that are over 100mb and always fail. I can't seem to find an order and each failure takes almost an hour to revert back.

In one case it completely reverted back to the original install and no-updates installed. Last check for updates: never.

I finally got all of the non-win8 and updates installed. Then I installed the .net updates firet then the .net security updates.

now, I only have win8 updates and win8 security updates. I tried all win8 updates and it choked badly. Then the non-secure ones and still reverting.

Now I'm stuck



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Try Troubleshooting Windows Update, go to Control Panel and search for troubleshooting click on the first result, under System and Security you'll see Fix problems with Windows update and click on it, go through the troubleshooter and after a restart try installing those updates again. Hope it fixes your problem! :hello:


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