Clean Alt-Tab for Win8: desktop item and thumbnails removed

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I figured, if I'm not going to make that generic memory patcher I had in mind, for the time being, better just finish the fixed-function thing I did some testing with.

So here's a memory-patching utility equivalent to the modified AltTab.dll. It's only for the current version of Win8.1 x64 (AltTab.dll v6.3.9600.17415). You can choose which of the two tweaks to apply, and it doesn't modify files.

Works here, but tell me if you see anything funny on your end.


btw. am also using TaskLister to get a nice tasklist 

(via ALT+Q with clavier+)

What's TaskLister? Couldn't quite find it.


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I'm dying to get a proper ALT-TAB experience, and want to try your solution. However, the board can't seem to find the attachment, have you got an alternative source?



Oh, and TaskLister is attached on page1:;)

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