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Why Hello MSFN! Long time no see.

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Nerwin    0

I don't remember the last time I've made a post here on MSFN. Its been years. But today I was looking up something on Google and I came across an old article here on MSFN and as I was reading the replies, I came across my self and started thinking with what I know now after going through school, I'd figured I would become active in the forums and hope to contribute here and there. Technology has changed big time since the last time I've posted.

I'm 22 now, turning 23 in December, I believe the last time I posted here on MSFN, I was 17. I ended up going to school for computer networking and hardware and had great success with it and the funny thing is, I didn't actually pursue a career in that field, I actually ended up getting into photography and that's what I currently do and its been fun. I still repair and fix people's computer problems on the side and I even wired my whole house with ethernet and new coax cabling.

It was really funny looking at my old posts and finding my first computer build...oh man that brought back some memories. You can see my new computer specs in my signature below..still need to add a video card..but I don't play games on PC anymore as I'm mostly editing photos and videos.

I became really good friends with one the members here on MSFN, Ripken204, and I talk with Gamehead200 every now and then on Twitter. Anyone else here that remembers me?

I remembered how awesome the community was here on MSFN and I'm glad to be back. I've learned a lot since then.

See you guys around the forums!

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