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Smallest Actual Flash Drive Size ?

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monroe    51

Yes that is a nice clean looking flash drive ... while looking for a price on that drive ... I came across one expensive flash drive ... now I'm wondering just how expensive a flash drive can be ... of course, one made out of solid gold or platinum would probably win that arguement but I'm just talking about a normal type flash drive.

Patriot Supersonic 256GB Magnum USB Flash Drive

Price: $259.66 & FREE Shipping


... at least you get "Free Shipping" !!!

this is only a 2 GB drive.

IronKey D2-S200-S02-3FIPS 2GB Basic S200 USB2.0 Flash Drive 2 GB

Price: $125.29 + $6.62 shipping


... no "Free Shipping" on that one !

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jaclaz    939

There are some (big) differences with "common" sticks.

The first one is not a USB stick (as you are used to think about it) it is a USB 3.0 to SATA bridge + a 256 Gb SSD, miniaturized.

The second one is more or less (IMHO) the effect of a not-so-new idea summed up to some good marketing, noone - with the exception if the very few that are secret agents, terrorists, etc. (and the paranoids of course), actually *need* that kind of encryption/security (and as a matter of fact it was born from Goverment intitial financing :


JFYI, my personal take on the matter, of course there is nothing wrong with encryption in itself, only in the way it is (mis)used, as I see it, the real issue are people whining about having lost their precious data ;):



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monroe    51

OK jaclaz ... you provided more "clarity" as usual. I guess I didn't fully understand what I was looking at ... I saw "flash drive" in the description.

I just found a more expensive USB flash drive ... a Kingston.

Kingston Digital HyperX Predator DataTraveler 512GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Price: $599.99 & FREE Shipping.


* Dramatic speed up to 240MB/s

* Highest capacities - uncompromised data storage to carry your digital world on a portable USB drive

* 4-Channel architecture - unsurpassed performance to play applications straight from the drive

* USB 3.0 - latest USB standard guarantees backwards compatibility with USB 2.0

* Zinc alloy metal casing - resilient protection for data in a cutting-edge design

* HyperX valet keychain - exclusive accessory for a stylish twist to portable storage

I take this to be also "solid state" although I don't see it mentioned anywhere but at that price !

... just noticed that the $599.99 price seems to a "real bargain" ... look at the prices on the right side of the page, from other sellers/companies.

$743.46 + $3.99 shipping / $768.35 + $8.79 shipping / $778.23 + Free Shipping

Additional information: Here goes one better ... same model but a 1 TB size.

Kingston DataTraveler HyperX Predator 1TB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Price: $1,271.47 & FREE Shipping.


... How expensive can these things get ???

Edited by duffy98

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jaclaz    939

Yes, to take advantage of the USB 3.0 speed, most manufacturers use this new design (for the "high-end" sticks).

Of course there is normally not any specifications about the innards, but as always the info exists::



OT :ph34r: but not much, maybe we are near to these ideas becoming "common" ;):



I can imagine a new form of "outsourced" PC where the "core" is just a processor and a USB 3.0 controller/hub and you just connect to it *anything* from video card to mass storage, from network (cabled or wireless) to HID's.... :)


Edited by jaclaz

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monroe    51

This is not the "smallest flash drive" around but they advertise it as the "world's best flash drive" being safe and secure. Since this thread deals with flash drives, thought I'd post about this drive. Anyone familiar with it or take issue with their claim? I still think the Corsair Flash Survivor USB Drive that I bought some time time back offers "toughness and durability" also.

The World's Best Flash Drive

The Safest, Most Secure USB Flash Drive on Earth

Starting at $94.95


Encryption and Security

* Type: AES Cipher-Block Chained mode

* Keys: 256-bit Hardware

* Hashing: Crypto paramaters protected with 256-bit SHA

* PINs: 7 to 15 digit admin and user PINs, alphanumeric keypad

* Lock: Automatic lock on drive removal

* Hack Resistance: Drive reset on multiple incorrect entries

* Tamper Resistant: Tamper evident construction, brute force hack resistant

* Certification: FIPS Security 140-2 Level 3 Certified (Certificate number 1873)

Toughness and Durability

* Housing: Durable machined aluminum

* "Everything" Proof: Water, Dust, Shock & Tamper Resistant

* Certification: IP57 (#LVD-D120789COC), MIL-STD-810F

Universal Drive Compatibility

* Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, Symbian, etc

* Hardware Systems: Any device with a USB or USB OTG port

* Drivers and Software Required: None

* USB: USB2 high speed components compatible with USB 1, 2 & 3 ports

* Included Software: Windows XP to Windows 8, Mac/Linux/Debian via Wine

* Antivirus: Compatible with Windows XP to Windows 8, protects USB drive only, does not protect or clean the local PC

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jaclaz    939

Paying nearly 100 Bucks for an 8 Gb (VERY, VERY slow) USB 2 stick with a fancy numerical keyboard?

Adequate if you really have some secrets and you are paranoid about them (otherwise any common encryption software is more than enough) and you actually *need* NIST FIPS certification. :w00t:

Come on :).

However it is seemingly a re-branded Apricorn Aegis:


by the good guys from portableapps.com


Edited by jaclaz

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monroe    51

Yes I also thought that it seemed kind of slow but I don't know enough about flash drives to make that statement ... but the figures struck me as being slow.

sure does look similar to the Apricorn Aegis ... never heard of that one.

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