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Windows Update trouble

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monroe    51

It seems the MS January updates are mostly important for Windows XP ...

January 2014 Patch Tuesday kicks the year off with four 'Important' security updates

Written by Ron on January 13, 2014


The January 2014 Patch Tuesday is upon us, taking place January 14th, and we are expecting to see four Important updates and zero Critical updates for various Microsoft software products. While this month's Patch Tuesday remains light, the most notable update will be for Windows XP.

Windows RT and Windows 8.1 will not be receiving any security updates this time around, as the primary focus for the January 2014 Patch Tuesday will be for Windows XP, Server 2003, Office, and Dynamics AX. Windows 7, on the other hand, does receive one Important update, addressing elevation of privileges. This month's Patch Tuesday is set to take place Tuesday, January 14th.

I just took a couple of paragraphs out of the small article.

also ...

Microsoft Expected to Patch XP Zero Day on Patch Tuesday


Microsoft announced Thursday that it plans to release four bulletins next week as part of the year’s first batch of Patch Tuesday security updates, none of which are rated critical.

Despite the relatively light load, the patches do address a zero-day vulnerability in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 made public in early November. Hackers were actively exploiting the flaw in the ND Proxy driver that manages Microsoft’s Telephony API on XP via infected PDF attachments. Exploits work only in conjunction with an Adobe Reader vulnerability that has since been patched.

found a little more XP news ...

Microsoft preparing urgent patch to secure Windows XP as end-of-support draws close

tech2 News Staff / 13 Jan 2014


Microsoft is working on a patch for the Windows XP that will be released on Patch Tuesday to avoid attackers from completely taking over the affected computers, reports PCWorld.

Late in November, Microsoft has issued a security advisory about the discovery of vulnerability in a kernel component of its Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Symantec now reveals in a blog post that the attacks have been active since the beginning of November. It arrives as a malicious PDF file with names such as syria15.10.pdf or Note_№107-41D.pdf.

The blog post further says that “successful exploits will result in complete compromise of affected computers and patching of XP will make it less vulnerable.” The urgency for patching of XP comes as a result of Microsoft’s decision to end support to XP in April. It is in April at the Build conference that the company also plans to reveal the vision for its upcoming Threshold aka Windows 9 platform, which is likely to start shipping in April 2015.

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