USB hub for Windows ME?

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Forgive my ignorance, but I'm wondering if there's a device that I can use as sort of a USB hub on my Windows ME computer.

I'm looking for something I can plug in once to the back of the machine, kind of like an extension port, which will allow me to plug in my thumb drives into this port or "hub" thingy, without having to over-use and wear out my usb port.

I'd rather wear out the "hub" than the port on my computer.

Is there anything like this that exists for Windows ME?



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You should be able to use any generic USB Hub and it should be supported by default, or if not, it should work with a USB2 stack loaded.

However what you're describing can be achieved with a couple of extension cables. I have used this method myself recently during a project I've been involved in that required extensive testing/connecting/disconnecting various USB devices.


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