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Do you play Jaws?

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Or does Jaws play you?

Jaws, was released on the PS2, and was everything we could hope for, but guess what? This same game is also on PC as well ( and I think the 360?? ) but anyhows. I know many people loves the PS2 and all, but you have to check this game out on the highest graphical settings. It will leave you blown away.

You get to do all of things Jaws, did and more. I mean omgsh, omgsh, omgsh this game is amazing. Just like movies if not even more realisitic then the movies could ever be. You can even use the Camera from a FPS view, thru the eyes of Jaws. Look at the expressions on all the swimmers eyes. Even sneak up on swimmers. JUMP THRU THE UNDER SEA TUNNEL JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES. Do dolphin stylistic jumps, Shark Rudder, listen to the HAM radio, Etc

I do not want to ruin the game for you folks, out their. If you are somewhat a Jaws fans ( like everybody ),

then you have to play this game. If will leave you with your eyes behind your head, like if you went on a roller-coaster to Hawaii Ki ki.

"Help, Shark Lifegaurd" just like that.

I Also know people who are fans of the NES Jaws should also get a kick out of this one. I was browsing thru

Shark games, when I found the PS2/PC game, I mentioned. I was thinking about an earlier or non-Jaws related game ( not the Kung Fu Shark on the Wii ) but I found out about this game instead.

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