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Office Shrinker [reduce source of o2k3/xp/2k]

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Great thread!

It is worth noting that I only shrunk office to about 440 MB, but using 7-Zip I was able to shrink it down to a mere 165 MB. :w00t:

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Hi guys, I did everything, made an installation setup folder, slipstreamed it with sp1 and then created a .mst with ork, so all was done, then I've set up a virtual machine, with a clean install, I shared the folder containing me installation setup and executed shrink_lang2.exe, this program works about 10 minutes, then when it's done, in my target folder there's only 7.20mb, then when I try to open my original installation setup folder, to install, it tells me to do some system changes in the config, when I try the shrunk office it tells me the same thing...

Anyone got an answer to this, maybe it's my virtual machine that doesn't work correct, I didn't install any additions cause I don't know where to download, thx in advance...

Grtz, scuzzy

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Has anyone else experienced problems installing office 2003 after shrink + 7zip ?

It starts ok for me , but half way into the process the progress bar starts going backwards, and eventualy quits. Office doesn't get installed.

The answer might be somewhere in here but I didn't have the time to read over a dozen pages just to check.


EDIT: after further searching I found others had similar problems. BUT I tried to install manualy, but with /qb only, not /qb-, and I found out I have a LOT of files missing !! :(

Edited by xtremexxx

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i try the shrinker for italian language,but it doesn't

works. A lot of missing files and the destination folder

is 6.75MB.

I've runned on XP SP2 without Office installed on a

virtual machine with shared folder.

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Successfully shrinking the source of Office XP, but not for Office 2K.

Just selected Office 2K: Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Tools & Documents, others removed by Office Shrinkler.

Attached is the log file as u suggested, pls help to indentify where the mistakes might be.



Edited by sunamigaza

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:( Has anyone tried the office shink program with office 2003 sp2. I have followed all the instructions. The program runs for about 1 minute then it stops with multiple errors .

any help would be appreciated. I can post my log files if you want :D

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First of all many txs to buckeyeXP for this great little app... I've been using it for a while now and it has never failed me... So dude, BIG UP... :thumbup . (btw... I wouldn't mind having a look at the source... hmmm... no asking no spanking.. lol :whistle: )

@h11 : Hmmm.... the answer is YES... lol. It works great... ;).

Thought it would be a good Time for a complete recap....

This is for Office 2003 Pro + SP2 + KB904631 and all work is being done on XP Pro SP2 Full Updates platforms.

What you will need:

- Office 2003 Original Full source from CD.

- Office 2003 SP2 (Full NOT Client). Here

- KB904631 Outlook 2003 Junk E-Mail Filter update: September 2005. Here

- A virtual machine ready with xp SP2 installed and all updates. (That ya got to figure out by yourself... ;)).

- buckeyeXP's Office Shrinker... iunno... first page... lol

- Microsoft Office 2003 Resource Kit (To be installed on virtual machine). Here

- 7zip (To be installed on virtual machine). Here

- A reshacked version of 7zS.sfx module (For completely silent install). Info Here

- Not mandatory but very handy "Open Cmd Here Powertoy" (To be installed on both physical and virtual machine). Here

On your Computer create 2 Folders in "c:\" O2K3 and SP2

1 - Create an Admin install from your original Office source (CD ?) and install in O2K3 Folder. (More info on topic Here.)

"Full Path to Office source"\setup.exe /a

2 - Splitstream Office 2003 SP2 into your Admin Install. Place your Office2003SP2-KB887616-FullFile-ENU.exe in "c:\"

! - The result of the Extraction will give you 6 files including 3 *.msp files... Only 2 ( MAINSP2ff.msp and OWC11SP2ff.msp ) will be splitstreamed, the 3rd one being an update on office xp web components (Probably only needed when using SP2 on an upgraded version of Office XP... not the case here...).

Extract: (cmd prompt from c:\)
Office2003SP2-KB887616-FullFile-ENU.exe /Q /C /T:C:\SP2

Splitstream: (cmd prompt from c:\SP2)
msiexec /p MAINSP2ff.msp /a C:\O2K3\PRO11.msi SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb
msiexec /p OWC11SP2ff.msp /a C:\O2K3\OWC11.MSI SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb

3 - Splitsream KB904631 the only non included update for full phishing protection... Place office2003-KB904631-FullFile-ENU.exe in "c:\"

Extract:(cmd promt form c:\)
office2003-KB904631-FullFile-ENU.exe /Q /C /T:C:\SP2

Splitstream: (cmd prompt from c:\SP2)
msiexec /p OUTLFLTR.msp /a C:\O2K3\PRO11.msi SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb

You're done for the splitstreaming part...

4 - Shrinking Office: (From now on all happens on the virtual machine).

! - You need a clean install of windows with NO Office software previously installed (I use VMWare and clone a full XP SP2 all updates for this purpose).

1) Copy your O2K3 folder with the Office 2003 SP2 you've just created to the "c:\" of your fresh virtual machine.

2) Install Microsoft Office 2003 Resource Kit on your virtual machine if you haven't done it yet and create your own Transform file you will name Unattended.MST and save in c:\O2K3 on virtual machine. (More info on topic Here.)

! - If you have Office 2003 installed on your physical computer you can create an *.OPS file using the "Microsoft Office 2003 Save My Settings Wizard" or "Profile Wizard" in ORK. This allows you to further tweak your install easily by integrating your actual Office settings into your *.MST... (Keep in mind that at compression stage you will have to include your *.OPS file as well as your *.MST file in the 7z archive but nothing else changes...).

! - Keep in mind that the resultant *.MST file is what will determine the size of your shrunk source so take the time to consider all the apps and modules delivered by Office 2003.

3) Once done... run buckeyeXP's shrink_lang02.exe on your vitrtual machine and follow instructions... (For the rest of the example we'll assume shrunk source is placed in c:\Office2003 on the virtual machine...)

My results at this stage:

Office 2003 SP2 + KB904631 Full source = 637mb

Office 2003 SP2 + KB904631 Shrunk source = 422mb

MST = Keep Access/Excel/Outlook/Word + Most tools and Xtras...

5 - Compress the shrunk source ... (If ya haven't installed 7zip yet on the virtual machine this is the right time...).

Copy your Unattended.MST from c:\O2K3 to c:\Office2003 and compress the entire shrunk source + Unattended.MST to Office2003.7z (Using LZMA method at Ultra compression Level). * If you've used an *.OPS file with your Unattended.MST don't forget to include it in your Office2003.7z.

My results at this stage: 156mb... lol...

6 - Creating the silent .exe (You need a reshacked 7zS.sfx module and a config.txt).

1) Delete everything from your c:\Office2003 on virtual machine except the newly created Office2003.7z

2) Create a config.txt file you will save as UTF-8 format in c:\Office 2003

- With progress bar and cancel option:

RunProgram="setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-"

- Totaly Silent:

RunProgram="setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qn"

! - More info on switches that can be used in your %OfficeSource%\SETUP.HTM

3) Place your reshacked 7zS.sfx in that same folder.

4) Open a cmd prompt in c:\Office2003 and type:

copy /b 7zS.sfx + config.txt + Office2003.7z Office2003.exe

This will create your silent .exe in the same folder...

Well seems we're all done.... Copy your fresh Office2003.exe out of the virtual machine to your computer.....

Did I forget anything ? Leme know....

Some little Xtras:

- For some reason, even if your *.MST specifies that some options should be kept "locked" and "unavailable", MS Installer won't keep track of those settings and will still offer to install those Items when using the Add & Remove programs | Change or remove MS Office wizard... ??? If anyone has an answer on how to effectively getting rid of unwanted objects from the installer (like graying and really making option unavailable) please let us know.... Btw, this has nothing to do with buckeyeXP's Office shrinker...

- Some of you peeps might want to have a closer look at the Setup.ini files located in your "%OfficeSource%\FILES\SETUP\" and "%OfficeSource%\FILES\OWC11\"... Check the [cache] options at the end of those files...

- Also... It seems Microsoft has released an Enhanced Version of the Office 2003 installer that supports more [cache] options. It can be found Here.

- Usefull links :

Office 2003 Resource Kit Downloads

Description of Office 2003 Service Pack 2

Preparing to deploy Office 2003

Edited by XXsplit

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:thumbup XXsplit

Awsome right up on this I will try your guide this weekend. I have already slipped streamed office 2003 sp2 with all hot fixes as of 4 Oct 05. I was having problems when I ran the office shrink program it would run for about 1 minute then give me an error. But I am willing to try it again thanks

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Hmmm.... Well h11 not really sure what your pb could be but, as far as i know...

1) Office 2003 Original source (ie with no updates at all) only needs SP2 and KB904631 to be fully up to date...

2) Most of the errors people get with buckeyeXP's Office Shrinker occur because it is run on a machine that has had Office software installed at one time... Not sure if it's your case though...

! - As a reminder, it is mandatory that NO Office software be installed on the virtual machine you are working with prior to running the Office Shrinker. If you've installed it to get your *.OPS file ready, simply uninstalling Office will not work... You will need to reclone your virtual machine...

Well i hope you'll get it to work.... ;) It tok me ages the first time i remember.... lol

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THX for this great tutorial! I was having problems the last time I tried, but now I'm trying again to get it to work, and I'm already getting to the end of the process...

I read somewhere that you cannot use the 'shared folders'-option of the VMware-windows, and that you have to use the c:-partition on the virrtual machine to avoid errors. Maybe some of the above mentioned problems can be solved this way?

So: as an extra step, I copy my slipstreamed source to the VM's hard drive before using ORK or OfficeShrink. Works like a charm!

THX again, BuckEyeXP and XXsplit!


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:thumbup:thumbup XXsplit

I followed all your steps and what do you know everything worked perfect. I was able to get my office Down to 200 mbs this includes word, outlook, excel, powerpoint, publisher, access, office infopath and all plugins that come with the office 2003 corporated ed. thanks


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hehe.... glad the tutorial helped ya out h11... (don't forget the great coder of this app... the one & unique buckeyeXP... ;).... hmmm by the way.... still very interested in source or tips on where to start buckeyeXP....lol).

Hmmm.... note that using the exact same technique and same Office 2003 Resource Kit to create your *.MST you can:

- Create an admin install of your Office 2003 PTK

- Splitstream the PTK SP2 into the admin install

- Create your Unattended.MST for PTK with Office 2003 Resource Kit

- Use the 7zip technique to get a compressed silent instal off 520mb more or less.... (Original splitstreamed admin source around 1.2Gigs).

What you need:

- Your Office 2003 PTK source CD

- Office 2003 PTK SP2 Here

- Office 2003 Resource Kit Here

- 7zip Here

- A reshacked version of 7zS.sfx module Info Here

Now buckeyeXP.... time to integrate a new feature to enable the same shrinking capacities on PTK... ;p

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Hmm.. a little correction, i think..

for the portuguese language, the shrink.ini is wrong and i was unable to use the program.




retry=&Repetir <-------- (CORRECTED)

title=Microsoft Office

error=Erro <-------- (CORRECTED)


Office Source=***

Office Target=***


Office Setup EXE file=INSTALAR.EXE <-------- (CORRECTED)

Office Setup MST file=Unattended.MST



after this changes the program run well :D

i hope this can be useful for someone.

sorry for my terrible english. cya!

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Hi, im having a few problems.

first of all my ini





title=Microsoft Office



Office Source=C:\Office2003\

Office Target=C:\Office\


Office Setup EXE file=SETUP.EXE

Office Setup MST file=unattended.MST



office2003 folder contains office2003 with sp2 slipstreamed (created with a admin install setup.exe /a)

I am attempting to shrink it on vmware with a fresh install of windows xp sp2.

Office 2003 sp2 is in the "office2003" folder (source)

the "office" folder (target) is i assume a folder created by shrunk with the new version in?

But i am not too sure. As i keep getting errors unable to find xx file in office folder. But ofcourse you won't aas thats the destination, the source is Office2003? Am i missing something (show all files and file types is set)

Cheers for any help

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Arkymedes txs for that precious info... i'm sure it'll help out a few peeps using other language versions of office... ;)

Bry, as much as i would like to help you out i can't....lol... the reason is i never had to modify my shrink.ini so i don't know what it looks like... lol

I will have a go at it as soon as i have a min to myself and will get back to u if i find anything wrong with what you posted... In the meanwhile the only advice i can give you is.... Do it again and again to test out the results... lol

Good luck

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