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Changed the File Server My Documents redirection causing issues

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Hi I'm having probably one of the most annoying problems ever.

I recently moved some files onto a new file server (2008r2) because my old server (2003) crashed and burned.

Everything works fine except Folder Redirection (Documents)

I just cannot make this work, I have tried every combination I can think of...

I have told it to redirect to the new location: \\myserver\users\

I have told it to use the users home folder

I have told it to create a new folder in the new location

I have checked and unchecked the boxes which say move documents to new location

Whatever I try it just refuses to work on Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers..

the default library seems to be \\myserver\users\user\downloads!!? or some user/public folder I have no idea why as I do not have any download redirection policies in place.

What makes it even worse is that some users seem to be redirected to the new location correctly..

I found if I remove users profiles completely that sometimes seems to fix the issue and users are then redirected in the library to the new my documents location.

but I cant believe this is the solution as this would be a HUGE task... with a lot of headaches involved.

so its not everyone but most people.

Is there any fix in the registry that brute forces it to go to the new folder?

I have tried the user shell folder section and set it to the new location but for some reason that doesn't fix the library redirection problem.

Because the old server completely failed I cant keep it running while folder redirection was changed over which I know is how it should have happened.

But surely there must be some way to override this annoyance in the users profile.


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I have sorted it

Created a new group policy enforced and re-created roaming profiles. A bit of effort but got there in the end.


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