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I've been using Thunderbird for quite awhile.

It's an older version (1.5) but it still works great.

I'm tempted to download the latest version of Thunderbird. My problem is I

don't know what's going to happen if I download the latest version.

1. What's going to happen with my current version ?

2. What's going to happen with mail currently saved in various folders

in my current version.

3. My profile -- will it be transferred

All the above, plus other concerns, keep me from downloading the

current Thunderbird version.

I really can't find a good tutorial on the subject.

If anyone has had the experience of downloading a new version of Thunderbird

I'd appricate your tips and pitfalls I may encounter.

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Version 3.x and higher included indexing for faster message searching. I found that Thunderbird became slow after that, and that's when I switched to Outlook 2003. I never looked back. So I never ran past the last Thunderbird 2.x revision ( or something like that). I loved Thunderbird up until that point.

In all honesty though, I find even that Outlook is superior especially in terms of speed. Thunderbird as you know it somewhat lives on in the Seamonkey mail client.


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