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I just wanted to say thanks to Tomasz86 and blackwingcat for thier work on Windows 2000 unofficial updates.Without them Windows 2000 would be a dead OS. Even though I personally just use UURollup, blackwingcat made the extended kernel originally, making this all possible.

Also, the compatibility in the UURollup Application Compatibility Launcher is amazing. I have Firefox 25.1 working great in Win2k. Even the updater looks like it works. The only thing is that the Firefox icon has a black background around it. I hope thunderbird,iTunes 10/11?, VLC and Libreoffice work too. I've even saw a video of someone on youtube proving Office 2007 to work.


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UURollup contains all of blackwingcat's updates and both creators continue to update these often. It is great to have them both in this community!

Office 2007 does work! With UURollup installed, just set setup.exe to Windows XP mode and it will install and work. To fix the black background on Firefox icon, I use Tihiy's Revolutions Pack 2 minus the new toolbar update, it makes everything else look better too!


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Here are a list of a few newer XP+ apps that I have tested on windows 2000 with UURollup:


Firefox/Thunderbird 25 (app. compatibility launcher)

VLC 2.1.1 (app. compatibility launcher)

Foobar2000 (app. compatibility launcher)


WMP 10 (extract blackwingcat's installer and run the WMP 10 application.)

Adobe Reader 11 (w. Tomasz86's installer)

Adobe Flash Player 11.9 (warning comes up about GDI32.dll, but program/plugin works great)

Google Earth 6.x.x. (Earth 7 installs and works but performs terrible with old graphics card/Win2K virtual graphics card)

Office 2007 (look here on how to uninstall if it doesn't work:

Not Working:

iTunes 7.3.3+ (I tried versions 9.0.2 and 10.7)

Quicktime 7.2+ (I tried version 7.5)

Does anyone else know any other XP+ apps that will work on Windows 2000 with the UURollup files/app launcher?

Also, I have heard of Revolutions Pack for Windows 98, but not for 2000. Where do I get it?

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