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Profile1 Folder

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I just noticed a folder in MY DOCUMENTS called PROFILE1. It was created back in early October. If I click on that folder, it breaks down to about 20 items labeled as Profile1_FFB_0001 INP, then Profile 1_FFB_0002 INP. it goes up to 20 I think. Each of these smaller items is over 665,000 meg. If I click on any of these smaller items, I am told that it could not be opened etc. The whole folder is over 14 Gig. I think it might have something to do with a DELL BACKUP, but I do not remember doing a Dell Backup, but I might have. I know back in February I made a Dell recovery DVD. Question...what is this folder for, and can I safely delete it. 14 Gig is a lot of wasted space if not needed. I also do a backup to an external hard drive using Paragon on a monthly basis. Running Windows 8 on a Dell OptiPlex 9010. Thanks, Mike


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The thread posted by Trip explains it nicely (last post):

I recently purchased a Dell XPS 8700. During the set-up and file transfer process I was badgered from time to time to run the utility that was going to back-up my files, cure my warts, and save the planet! Eventually I gave in, and did as I was told.

Later, in preparation for transferring the remaining data files from my old PC, I temporarily moved all the contents of my "Documents" folder into a "Temp" folder. It took far longer than it should have, which prompted me to look for a reason.

The answer was that the "Documents" folder now contained a folder named "Profile1" that I knew nothing about... its contents looked almost identical to Patrick's example.

A bit of basic detective work (which is about my limit, I ain't no expert!) satisfied me that this was the results of the Dell Rescue Utility. I'm not sure why they are in the "Documents" folder, as I thought I had selected my USB External drive as the destination.

It all gets confusder and confusder... I hope this helps to de-confuse someone somewhere!

The only non-matching part are the dates (October 2013 vs.February 2014) :unsure:


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Thanks guys for the replies. Here is what I did. Yesterday I saved that PROFILE1 folder to a flash drive, just in case. Then I deleted it from the computer, which put the folder in the recycle bin. All was good so far. This morning after reading your two posts, I felt comfortable that I could delete the folder from the Recycle bin, so I removed the folder, then rebooted the computer. All seems fine so far, so I guess I am OK. I normally backup the whole computer to an external hard drive using Paragon on a monthly basis . but then I also like to backup , My Documents, My Music, Pictures, and Favorites to a 64 Gig flash drive. Those four folders now fit on the flash drive , now that the Profile1 folder is gone. Thanks, again, Mike


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