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Linear Flash PCMCIA driver?

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Is there a way to use a Linear Flash PCMCIA card with Windows 7 x64? I picked up some old telecom equipment and plugged into one of the items was a 1993 vintage Intel memory card - and my MPC T2500 laptop with Windows 7 just happens to have a CardBus slot... (2008 and MPC hadn't gone to ExpressCard- when everything else they did was top of the line hardware) Plugged it in, ID'ed as an Intel series 2-04. Pre-Vista, Windows included drivers for these things.

Why would I want to use it when it's very likely to only have a few megabytes capacity? Security through "My system has no slot to plug this into." obsolescence. ;-) Can't read things like a password file if you can't plug the storage media into anything. To think these cards used to be considered tiny...


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I can find companies that say to use these with "Vista" you need to buy *their* external USB card slot thingies. It could be possible to create a driver for Windows 7 if a Vista driver had existed. There are risks such as BSOD and I wouldn't want to even attempt it on a workstation or home PC. I think this is one of those cases where having an older PC laying around would be helpful.


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