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POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

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Dencorso and Jaclaz - what about chkdsk /f ?  (Might it be dangerous?)

glnz      old Dell Optiplex 755DT XP Pro SP3 and new Optiplex 7010MT dual-booting Win7 Pro 64-bit and Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit (maybe soon Win 10?)

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If chkdsk /f finds something, I'd really start to get worried... but even if it finds anything, it cannot recreate a good profile from a damaged one. However, that's another thing you should do only after you have a good backup. Your plan to put in another disk and restore the backup on it, then work on the new disk is sound and safe. Don't try to get a shortcut... usually that's something one regrets afterwards. This is the sort of situation where Murphy's Law applies: so, one has to make sure nothing relevant may go wrong, and then nothing at all will. :)


BTW, is your XP installed on NTFS or on FT-32? I have assumed it's on NTFS, but the only way to be sure is by asking you, of course. :)



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Yes, for the record if chkdsk finds an issue with file/folder permissions it attempts to fix it, but not necessarily it fixes it "right", so running it is (on the new, redeployed backup) is a very good idea :), but unlikely it will be able by it's own to fix the issue.


An example (not necessarily what happened or happens to you):

  • a bit or a set of bits are corrupted on the filesystem
  • you cannot manually (because it throws an error) change the owner or permissions of a file
  • you then run chkdsk (which will hopefully repair the $MFT or *whatever* holding the permissions data)
  • chkdsk very likely will reset those data to a "default" that may (or may not be the desired setting)
  • then you reattempt changing the owner/permissions of that file to the desired ones and this time it works because the underlying structure is "fixed" 

In theory verifying the filesystem structures is a "common enough" and "safe enough" activity, but in practice - particularly when there is a suspect of a filesystem level corruption - it is much safer to make a full backup before.


The three golden rules of backup:

  1. Backup
  2. Backup another time to another media.
  3. While pondering on the duality and redundance in the essence of the previous two rules, do backup AGAIN on a third media.




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Hey, is anyone still running WIndows 3.1?


. . . .


ALSO: Way back when, I stopped a whole bunch of unneeded services from running on XP.  Never saw a problem, over many years.  But might these Event Viewer error messages result from a particular service not running (either always or when I installed the Jan. updates)?

Not as a daily surfer, and it's been an age since I booted it, but yes, I *DO* still have a Win3.1 system (it dualboots an old slackware install too). I think I even have those old install floppies that came with it.


As for the services, lots of people tweak those.  I think you would have started seeing any potential issues years ago, like at the next reboot after you adjusted them. If they didn't give trouble back then I doubt they are relevant now. In any case there is always the reference stuff compiled at http://www.blackvipe...configurations/ if you can't remember what the default values are or want to look up more details.

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