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POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

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I’ve now followed up on the suggestions made here.


@w2k4eva, I think your implications--as I read them, that (1) this is probably not simply a Dell problem, and (2) these 1904 informations may just have been generated by having opened Help files--both appear to be spot-on.


I was able to check Event Viewer on my parents’ computer this evening (Acer Atom with Windows XP Home, POS registry fix applied, all updates installed).  There I found the same six Error listings as my Dell machines, confirming that it is not merely a Dell-related problem.


(Plus, my “3000” Dell is actually a “3000n,” and my “E520” Dell is actually an “E520n,” meaning I ordered these without an operating system.  I have Windows XP Pro installed on each, so they don’t even have the Dell “factory install image”).


I don’t know of any negative consequences to these Errors, but it is interesting, especially whatever happened on that one Dell machine after 4/8/2015 that eliminated the six Errors:


Okay, so whatever it was must have been after 4/8/2015 10:57:43 but before your next boot...


So that’s what I’ll be thinking about.


[other related information:  these machines all have AVG (not Avast), and all are run in administrator mode (no other users or accounts added)]

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Another update would be the Time Zone update ... but KB3049874 (TimeZones released 27 Mar) seems to be only for: Daylight saving time changes for Mexico, Mongolia, and Iran in Windows.

So I wouldn't probably need that update for now but if a new Time Zone update would appear for my area, could it just be installed right into Windows XP and would it actually install and work?

Can the update be changed in someway to be correctly added?

Time zone updates are cumulative; you need only install the latest to be up to date. The latest to be released by Microsoft so far is KB3062741-v2 on 19 June.

w2k4eva is correct concerning package installation:

Unfortunately MS has put blocking code into the time zone updates issued post-EOL. So this leaves you with three choices if you want them.

1) Look through the KB articles to find what was added, then adjust your time zones manually. Or copy the relevant registry entries, possibly from a newer machine that has the update installed... rather a pain.

2) Use the POSReady registry hack, then get the POSReady version of the update either from Windows Update or the Update Catalog. But be aware that this path is something of a one-way street - once the reghack is applied, you probably won't be able to reverse it from within Windows, you would need an offline registry editor.

3) Modify the updates to work on plain XP. This is the path I am using. Instructions can be found at http://www.ryanvm.ne...p=115464#115464 . I generally start from the WEPOS version rather than the W2K3 ones, although for timezone updates that are basically just regkeys the difference may not matter. Do be aware that the resulting update won't have the usual sanity checks about versions etc so you must be selective about finding a suitable source file and how it is applied - you wouldn't want to have an IE7 update applied to a system that has either IE6 or IE8, for example.

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