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CPU core usage / program unresponsive

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This is a very unique problem.  


-Initiate a real time analysis program operating at .2 Hz.

-Real time program becomes unresponsive /lags about 20-30 sec in between actions.

-The performance monitor indicates that one of the cores is running near 100%

-The performance monitor also indicates that the memory is running at low usage

- All other programs to include windows are responsive and have no lags.


*If the real time analysis is operating at a rate above 1Hz , it runs just fine and the CPU for all cores are low and equal.

*If I run multiple programs first and then start the analysis program, then the analysis program runs just fine at our desired rate of .2 Hz.




-Hp z820

-windows x64


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What "real time analysis program"?

This is the built-in Performance Monitor you speak of -


Can you be more clear?


And please do not make another duplicate topic.




The first one you posted went through just fine. :yes:

Lets just stick with this one...

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Also, I get multiple "hits" on google

"vic 3d'

Additionally, google

"windows 7" "real time analysis"
yields some "hits" speaking of "mhz" settings.


Could you perchance provide a link to the source? It -appears- to be an AutoCAD app. :unsure:

Edited by submix8c

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